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The Course goes into the details behind different aspects of the body.


Maximize your soul’s potential and blow your presence to a whole new level.

The Course is where we will be going deep into each step of the chakra’s on a granular level, starting with …

Module 1

Root Chakra

Learn to feel supported from the inside out. We will dive into the intricacy of the deep pelvic floor muscles and how pelvic movement is integrated into our yoga postures. 

Module 2

Sacral Chakra

Engage in the seat of our emotions when we experience our lives through feelings and sensations. We will dive fully into hip mobility, understanding the involved anatomy and examine how the joints play a factor in getting deeper into hip opening postures. 

Module 3
Solar Plexus Chakra

Things start to heat up as we dive into the center of our being. This, however, does not mean “no pain, no gain” we will start to learn a new dialogue around facing challenges that feels empowering instead of a struggle. As you learn to activate your true core you will feel like you gained a superpower! 

 Module 4

Heart Chakra

When we are centered in the heart chakra we feel connected, spacious and balanced. That’s exactly what this module is about. We will look at the anatomical components that are essential to allow any kind of back bending to feel enjoyable as well as how the breath can transform this physical journey. 

Module 5

Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is balanced we can communicate our dreams and desires effectively, allowing ourselves to realize our truth in this world. This workshop will focus on developing better posture as well as give options on ways to clear chronic tension from stress or previous injury.

Module 6

Third Eye Chakra

Cut through the illusion of self-doubt and fears. Tap into your intuition and ability to envision your goals in order to achieve them. You will quickly learn you are far more capable than you ever thought possible!

Module 7

Crown Chakra

We will utlilize all of the teachings up to this point to learn to flow through the practice with grace, encouraging the sympathetic nervous system (our flight or fight) to take a break so you can truly find peace.

Module 8
Seat of the Soul Chakra

In this final workshop we will explore the contrasts of a yang/yin practice, and offer some time for introspection and meditation. It’s time to reap the rewards as we melt into total surrender and bliss from this beautiful journey together.  

You can either implement these modules or have the next 8 months of your life become a repeat of today.

By the end of the day, when you look back and reflect, will you have achieved something greater? Will you have moved your life forward? Or have you kept your wheels spinning and survived another day? Are you willing to settle for a mediocre life?


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We will also be giving you day to day tools to improve self-esteem, confidence, conversation, health, mental wellness, relationship and more.

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